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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Smell Of Summer

What we were really supposed to be doing, on that breezy, hot, post-sandstorm afternoon, was reaplying suncreen and blowing up tubes on the green green grass next to the blue blue pool.

Which was very different than what we were actually doing--holding the kids back with one hand and scooping the unbelievably vile contents of the overflowing sewer into garbage bags with the other.

It was an interesting day. I use the word interesting very sparingly. I had made up with a group of friends to take the kids to the big swimming pool. One of us has a car, and all of us packed sandwiches, suncreen, tubes, bathing suits, and sunglasses. Then the morning dawned, and one of us woke up with a stomach bug. I woke up to weather which must have been over one hundred degrees and sand blowing against the windows, a nine month pregnant belly and a husband who sternly reminded me that I had been all shaky the day before and perhaps the pool was a bad idea.

Also, the truth is, I had been feeling bad about the expense. Even with my friend driving, it costs a lot of money to get in, and I would also have to buy a couple of new tubes.

So I stayed home.

And then the washing machine broke. And then the bathroom overflowed. And then the sewer plate started spewing the most vile horrible unbelievable---

An unbelievable amount of NIS nis later, I think perhaps the pool might have been the way to go...

Memorable quotes from the afernoon of fun in the sun by the (cess) pool:

Princess: "Can I also scoop? Please? Ima! You never let me scoop stuff from the sewer!"

Plumber: "That will be all of your life savings, please."

Landlord: "It's your fault, because you flushed TOILET PAPER down the toilet."

Plumber: "Actually, we found a red hose and a pair of pajamas and a box full of sand down there. Nothing to do with toilet paper.

Landlord: "Ah. Well. It's your fault anyway. We gotta go....catch a plane somewhere. Byeee!"

And to sum it all up:

Coco-pop: "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew, Ima."

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