Finding myself in the Middle East

Thursday, December 23, 2010


"Hamakom yinachem otah," I told my father over the phone. "I love you and I'm thinking about you and I miss Bubby, too. Did he hear me?" I asked my mother when she put the phone back to her ear.

"He heard you, but oh no...he's shaking his head and looks upset. Hon, do you remember that you lost your mother? She died on Shabbas. She went peacefully. She was 91."

My mother has to remind my father several times a day that his mother just died, and each time he looks confused and hurt that no one told him and gets sad about her passing all over again. Something happened to him this last time in the hopsital, something terrible happened inside his head.

I never heard of MS doing that to someone, playing tricks on the mind in such a horrible way, but then again, Outdoorsman pointed out that most people in my father's condition are not still here with us. The unbelievable care that my mother takes of my father is why is is still alive. There were so many close calls, and they all ended in relief because of her. She loves life, and she loves him.

On a cheerier note, because my father's condition plus the fact that I might as well convert to Islam since my kids wake me up before the first prayer at 5:15 and I am grumpy and tired NEEDS a cheerier note, I sent something in to a magazine, thanks to all of your encouragement! I'll let you know what happens. Any great ideas for a pen name?


Anonymous said...

What a painful, horrible experience. I'm sorry.

Good luck with your submissions --I'm sure all of your pieces will be welcomed eagerly by any editor. I don't know where you submitted your work (one of the frum mags, I'm assuming) --but don't forget to check their rates! Last I checked, Mish. paid the most.

CantStopBaking said...

That is so, so sad about your father.

On a different note- LOCK YOUR DOOR! Seriously, it works!! Leave out toys, food and lock your door- I wouldn't be sane without it! I am so happy you submitted your work! Your writing is amazing,and more people should enjoy it! I love a challenge, and I am going to think all day of a good pen name for you. It would be cute if you would do a spinoff of your blog name, like something Avni (Stone) Or just something Stone. I see on Google that Ariel is another name for Jerusalem, so you can do like Ariella Stone. Just a thought. Can't wait to see your stuff in print!!

CantStopBaking said...

How about Ora something? Because " Yerushalayim ora shel olam" Too corny?

JerusalemStoned said...

Anonymous, thanks--I will check it out. :) I likes moneys!

Can'tStop--you're so sweet, and that is an awesome idea for a pen name. I'm actually talking with a writer that I resepect about pennames-she doesn't use one-and thinking about the pros and cons...


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