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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life Here, Smushed


Therefore, my brain tells me to stare blankly at my toe nails and then decide that they really need to be polished.

I never polish my toe nails. Or my fingernails. I don't even own nail polish.

And what about the kitchen counter? It needs scrubbing! And YouTube is so lonely and needs watching!

And now it is a quarter to one and the kids need picking up and I have scrubbed counters and watched YouTube and have shiny toe nails and a feeling of panic in my chest.

Also? My air conditioner died and I am sitting shiva for it in shorts and a t-shirt and a glistening, glowing forehead.

Also? I saw a cat get run over TWICE--just to add insult to injury--and I can't get it out of my mind.

Also? Princess left this message on my husband's phone. "Abba, I hope you are working good. If you pass by a store and you want to go in and it has beautiful clips, I need a beautiful clip. Like, a sparkly one? Maybe blue? But if not blue then whatever, if it's beautiful. So can you go in and get it? If you see it."

So I wish her husband all the best.

Also? Coco-pop said her favorite colors are black and blood.

So I wish her husband the best.

Also? Turtle is really a little fat hurricane. He leaves unbearable cuteness and random acts of senseless violence in his wake.

Also? Red tape. When you buy apartments. Wrap up every last inch of you until you are like a red-tape burrito.

Also? I want to hug and smush every person that I just mentioned in this post. (Except the cat. It is already smushed.)

Does that make me crazy?

Yeah, probably. Or maybe I just found another way to push off everything that I need to do. Free hugs for everybody!!


Princess Lea said...

I have noticed that nowadays I want to strangle and hug people at the same time. It must be the heat.

Cymbaline said...

(Afraid to make a comment - Afraid speech of any kind might set her off on a homocidal killing spree....)

Cymbaline said...

(Afraid to make a comment - Afraid speech of any kind might set her off on a homocidal killing spree....)

JerusalemStoned said...



Gila Rose said...

Me: I should really do some work. But first, let me see if any of my bloggers have new posts! And look! You did! So thanks for being my YouTube + counters + sparkly nail polish.

Mystery Woman said...

Black and love it!

postpunkchronicles said...

Moving is so much fun!

I feel for ya. We have moved 5 times in 5 years. (Or seven in 13 years--whichever sounds more impressive slash depressing, depending on your mood.)

So sorry for you loss regarding the AC. It is truly hard to lose the ones you love.


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