Finding myself in the Middle East

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm It!

I was tagged 3 times, so I figured I'll do this.

25 Random Things abou Me:

1. I have a secret fear that I snore. And it kills me that there is no way to find out if I do. Because the husband will not tell me the truth.

2. I want to dye my eyebrows. Blond eyebrows make you look like a fish.

3. I have the most giving and loving family in the whole wide world, and I want to be just like my sisters when I grow up.

4. Sometimes I'm washing dishes or reading a book to the kids and then I stop in midwash or midword and realize that I'm married with two kids. Which is so weird, because I am 14 years old.

5. In high school, I used to read 10 books a week. And I also had friends. Really!

6. When I was first married and started covering my hair, I dyed it neon purple.

7. I like eating salt. Plain.

8. I wish that I was petite. Sometimes, I feel like I look more capable than I feel because I'm so tall and broad.

9. I used to grind my teeth at night, and that's why they are all perfectly the same height.

10. I am afraid of the dark.

11. I love jelly beans.

12. My husband could beat up your husband.

13. I can crack all of the joints in in my arms.

14. I cracked all of the joints in my arms on a date and the guy opened the car door and threw up. No, not really, but he did turn green.

15. Lots of times, I think about someone and say, wow, I should call X, I haven't spoken to her in ages! And then I don't.

16. I feel the most fulfilled when on a stage.

17. I love super super hot showers. The kind that makes your skin turn blotchy red. I want to marry hot water.

18. I had two kids without epidurals and it was worth it for that unbelievable feeling of their little bodies sliding out and into the world.

19. I once got lost in the arab quarter in jerusalem after dark, and when I asked a group of men for directions, I distorted my face and body to look grotesque, because I was scared.

20. All of my siblings are leaving this summer, and that makes me feel very sorry for myself.

21. Sometimes I hate living is such an old apartment, because when you clean, it looks exactly the same as it did when it was dirty.

22. Sometimes I like living in such an old apartment, because--just don't clean!

23. Number 22 was in theory. Really, I scrub the apartment walls daily.

24. The above is a bald lie. I do that sometimes, lie, I mean, but usually only to protect people's feelings. I hate when people feel sad. It gives me a sour stomach. For real.

25. I like my freckles. They keep me from taking myself too seriously.


Anonymous said...

You are so funny!! I was rolling imagining 19, can so relate to 21 & 22 and was trying to figure out 24 - how scrubbing the walls protects peoples' feelings! (It took me a minute to realize you were talking about lying.)

JerusalemStoned said...

24 is all fixed!


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