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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Talk

Princess: Ima, Coco-pop is big already.

Me: Yes, she is getting big, isn't she? You both play so nicely--

Princess: She's too big to be the baby anymore.

Me: Well, she's a big baby.

Princess: No. She's a toddler.

Me: I thought you were a toddler.

Princess: (eye roll) Nooooo. I am the huge big girl.

Me: Ah.

Princess: (a look that says, as I was saying, before your ridiculous interruption) so we have a toddler and a huge big girl, and no baby.

Me: Oh. Yes, well. Okay.

Princess: We need a baby.

Me: Do you want more ketchup with your chicken?

Princess: I'm gonna daven for a baby.

Me: Um! Okay. Just make sure that you daven that the baby should come in the right time.

Princess: (nods) How about right after lunch?

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