Finding myself in the Middle East

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Alright. 10 good things about me. Big and small. Things that i can take credit for and things that G-d handed to me. (Because really, they were all handed to me...)

1. I sing to my kids. A lot. Coco-pop's first sentence was "Sing whole song, Ima!"

2. I can make my husband laugh.

3. I am a good cook.

4. I admit when I am not good at something.

5. I feel very deeply for other people's pain.

6. I rock as an actress.

7. I'm a pretty good director and writer, too.

8. I'm spontaneous and flexable. I can be happy in a lot of different situations.

9. I brought two beautiful babies into this world.

10. I overcame something that was really big and consumed me. And I do everything that I can to keep it from creeping back.

...erm. Okay! Now all of you have to make me feel better and not left hanging out there like a big matza ball. We all rock! Share your wonderful traits as well!

Or pay the price.


Anonymous said...

Arghhh! I really made my list! And then when I tried to post, I clicked on some ad instead of "post" and it's all gone! :(


I'll try to write it again, later ...

JerusalemStoned said...

oh, no...

but post them again!

(for the future, I always try to copy what I wrote by pressing control C before sending anything out into cyber-space.)

Anonymous said...

Ok here it goes again:

1. I have a great relationship with my husband. He is really my best friend.

2. My parents are amazing and I want to be just like them when I grow up.

3. I work well under pressure.

4. I have a great job and I love what I do. And I'm good at it.

5. This is so much harder than I thought it would be.

6. I pride myself on being open and accepting to all people.

7. I love having an open house where guests feel comfortable.

8. I am a gracious giver.

9. I am a super googler.

10. I read really quickly and remember most of it, too.

11. (Because I cheated on number 5) I can relate to a lot of different types of people in a lot of different situations.

How's that? Let's hope this one makes it up.

JerusalemStoned said...

Love the "super googler" one! You sound like an awesome person!


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