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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flood This Forum!

Okay. I really really need feedback on this. I wrote out the speech in long copy that i will be giving at a seminary tomorrow. The principal asked me to speak about growing up with a sick father, and the tools that I gained to deal with it. So. I wrote it, and added some articles a the end to read together. Problem is--in real life, I am actually a really private person. Which is why this blog is so important to me, and why this speech to so hard for me. I can't even rehearse it in front of a friend and get feedback, because...I'm so shyyyyyyy,you see. Not really, but I don't like when people but me into a box. I am what you see, not my past. So. Anyway. Point is, I need your help. My husband says that it's great, but I need female imput. And impartial imput, since he also thinks I look great right after labor.

Here 'tis:

Edited: I decided to delete the speech in the end. I wasn't comfortable having it up, and also, I thought, if a girl from the seminary googles one of theartivles I used and finds this not be happy. So. It's gone. I have decided, and I am THE ULTIMATE POWER ON THIS BLOG! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Proud Tante said...


which seminary is this for?

Proud Tante said...

o, i didnt read the articles, I read your speech and I kinda found you being shy funny ;)

GAMZu said...

Just for your info (use it as you may) you can turn off Google searches- in your settings you can make your blog unsearchable (bots will not crawl it.)

I personally chose to make mine completely private I put up pictures of the kids, but that method isn't conducive to a large readership.


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