Finding myself in the Middle East

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Living Large

I am so cold.

I wake up cold and I go to sleep cold and in the middle of the day? I'm cold.

Did I mention that I'm cold?

Because if I didn't, I do want you to know that on a scale of one to ten of cold? I'm FREEZING. Which is pretty cold.

It's this season that my indignation rises like gorge in my throat, and I think, hey, you know? I'm American, damnit. I should be comfortable AT ALL TIMES. I should be in an artificial 75 degrees, always.

And then I have to remind myself about how wonderful it is to be in touch with the weather as it actually is, because it's real. Just like having fruit in it's proper season, and having some things that are not sanitized for your own protection and double wrapped with politeness and orderliness. There is something special, just because it's real, about experiencing life just as it is, as it comes.

I asked Princess what she wants for Chanuka. Her eyes grew big with all of her wildest imaginings. Then she blurted, "Stickers! And a treat."

They are so unspoiled, so blessed, my little girls.

It's really living, living in this country.

But wouldn't it be nice if the real living can be done just a leeeeetle warmer?


nmf #7 said...

I hear ya. Turning on my heat here makes me feel like a spoiled American. I just bundle myself up until I look like a snowman.
And your kids are VERY cute.

JerusalemStoned said...

Oooh. Snowman. I miss snowmen.

Proud Tante said...

I saw these warm fuzzy yummy looking socks at the 2 shekel store. They made me think of this post. They even had those skid things on the bottom


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