Finding myself in the Middle East

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To You

To My Darling Princess,
on the day that you turned five,

The last thing that you said to me today before you went to sleep, as we took off the shabbas clothing that you wore in honor of your birthday, took my breath away. You said, "Ima, tomorrow I will be five."

"Today you are five, sweetie," I said, puzzled.

"No, today I AM five. With shabbas clothing and a party. Tomorrow I will wear plain clothing and just be five. Like a regular day, only I will be five."

You took my breath away, with your mature observation, your deep connection to the way things are, your need to understand and clarify the world around you so that it makes sense in your mind.

But you always take my breath away, my beautiful tempest, my too-smart little girl. Life is not so easy on you, because you wear your emotions on your sleeve. The world disappoints you deeply, as do I. As do I.

But life is also a thing of wonder and beauty for you, because you feel so deeply. Because you are quick to tears, you are also quick to laughter. Because you cry rom the depths of your soul, you also fly to the moon with delight. You feel, touch, drink life. You are a ray of sunlight. You are my princess.

On this fifth birthday, I give you a blessing;

May you find your path in life, and feel it with your heart and mind. And may it make you happy.

I love you.


Sherry said...

This post took MY breath away. How beautiful! I hope you save these letters for Princess to read when she's old enough. She will treasure them.

Mystery Woman said...

So sweet...

JerusalemStoned said...

Oh, thank you. I do save them. I'm not sure when I'll give them to her, though.


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