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Monday, November 21, 2011

Turtle for a Day

(1) We can start with the footsie pajamas that I keep him in all day because the floor is so cold. Footsie pajamas. They are soft and warm. With footsies.

(2) He wakes up in the morning and is greeted as if he has been gone for years. He curls up on my lap and drinks warm milk. In footsie pajamas.

(3) The whole world is new. It's crazy exciting. Look! Blocks!So exciting--check these things out!

(4) Especially the new walking trick. Everytime, everyone flips out. Everytime! King of this town, baby!

(5) When he's tired, he sleeps. Oooooh. Sleeeeep. I could use me some of that.

(6) The world loves you just for being. You can drool, you can pull your sister's hair, you can steal the food right out of your mother's hand, and everyone turns dreamy puppy-dog eyes on you and lets you wipe random Turtle-gook all over their shoulders. And you get carried. Everywhere.

Oh, Turtle. I love you, my baby. And I would love to be you. Just for one day.

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